Sports Wheelchairs

Sports wheelchairs are a type of lightweight chair – but they are not the most common. This is because they are only used by people who wish to participate in handicap sports. There are many different types of sport chairs that will help the person to compete in basketball, tennis or running competitions.

Though they are not as common many people find that they are much easier to use then the usual lightweight chairs themselves. This is usually due to the smaller turning radius that they need. It makes it simple for them to make sharp Lightweight Sport Wheelchairscorners even easier and without taking up the whole space.

As with any lightweight chair they are made using titanium or aluminum materials. The one problem that people have with them is that they are not able to fold. The normal chairs have the ability to fold down when not in use making them easy and simple for people to take with them wherever they need to go.

Sport wheelchairs can be expensive because they must be custom built to the users’ specifications. Every body is different and they need to be able to fit into it easily and to use it without any problems in order to compete. This can cause people to spend anywhere from 2k to 8k.

It is important that you have a warranty on your chair to make sure that if any piece breaks from it you can replace it with little to no cost to you. The lightweight materials and the force with which you are using the chairs makes them more vulnerable to damage. However, the fact that they are not to be used everyday may help them to last longer.

There are some types of insurances that may be able to cover the price for your sports wheelchairs. However, they may only cover part of the price because it is not needed for any specific medical purpose – but for competitions or for fun.