Lightweight Vs. Standard

Many people who are considering purchasing a wheelchair for themselves have many choices to choose from. Many will automatically turn to the standard wheelchair because they feel that it is more sturdy and reliable. However, this is not always the case.

There are many differences between the two that need to be compared and thought over carefully before any decision is made. These differences will help you to see that the benefits of a lightweight chair are far greater than that of the standard kind.


The first thing that we will consider is the weight of the two chairs because this is after all the main difference that separates the two from each other. Aluminum or titanium is used to make lightweight chairs and make them easier to move around in as well as transport with them wherever they go. The one problem with lightweight chairs is that they can only handle so much weight.

Standard wheelchairs can be very heavy and thus harder to move around in. One of the biggest problems with their heavy weight is that they can be hard for people to use. They require a large amount of upper body strength that most people do not have.


Mobility is very important to anyone using a wheelchair because they are its legs and what will help them to move around their home and other places. Because of this they need to make sure that it is easy to do this. Lightweight chairs are smaller and their wheels are able to swivel in different directions. This makes them easy to make sharp corners and to enter into smaller stores.

Standard wheelchairs are not good at this. Their wheels are fixed and the weight of everything makes them quite hard to maneuver unless in a straight line. Sharp corners are nearly impossible and they take up a lot of space in stores.