Lightweight Wheelchairs

There are many people in this world who from birth are not able to walk because of some illness or complication. There are others who for most of their life took advantage of the ability to walk, run, and perform other tasks with their feet. But later in life they were hit by a medical condition that took all of this away from them.

It is a difficult thing to not be able to walk even if it is only for a short time. People who are not used to it will feel constricted and confined as they are unable to do perform their usual physical and daily activities. But hope is not all Lightweight Wheelchairslost. There are ways in which they can find their freedom again. They are able to do this through the use of wheelchairs.

There are many different types of wheelchairs that are powered or manual. Choosing the one that will work best for the type of person you are and the lifestyle you lead is a simple matter of comparing them with each other. Those who are not able to spend the money to purchase a power wheel chair can use a lightweight wheelchair.

These types of wheelchairs are made using aluminum and weigh around 28 to 34 pounds. There are some models that are made with titanium and will only weigh around 14 pounds. What makes these so great is that they are easy to maneuver places and do not require as much upper body strength as standard wheel chairs.

But with everything there are drawbacks to it. Because they are so lightweight and not bulky they can only handle so much weight. Every manufacturer is different in how the chairs are made. Because of this you will have to ask them how much weight the model you want can handle before you purchase it.

There are many types of lightweight chairs that include the sports and transport models. These are made differently then the normal chair – but are still convenient. Remember that you will need to find the right wheelchair supplies that will help you to navigate around your home and other places.